Portable Lab


Training MRI System


RAPID Biomedical proudly announces to distribute the training MRI system “portableLab” of Pure Devices, Germany.

 The portableLab is a fully equipped benchtop MRI system. In addition to carrying out fundamental experiments on signal generation, students can generate images with all relevant contrasts in a high spatial resolution.

The portableLab teaching device gives you the unique opportunity of teaching the basics of MRI wherever you intend to. This is an excellent way to provide realistic and practice-oriented training for all fields of science and medicine.

The software solution makes it easy for the users to experience all aspects of magnetic resonance tomography from shimming to 3D imaging. The special option to influence experiments in real-time and to directly visualize the results gives users a highly motivating learning experience.


  • fully functional MRI system
  • best learning experience

  • 0.45 Tesla permanent magnet

  • real-time control of experiments

  • workbook and trainer’s guidance included

  • easy to set up and operate


Portable Lab System
T1 measurment
T1 profiles of water and oil phantoms
T2 measurement
Spin Echo Image


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