8 Channel Volumetric Rat Array


Most MRI studies demand both an overview image and highly resolved images of a particular region of interest. These two tasks are typically achieved with two separated coils.

  • The 8 Channel volumetric rat array migrates both tasks into one coil.
  • It covers a FOV of 18 cm length.
  • For high SNR details you can choose the coil elements next to your ROI.
  • The animal is positioned only once and after that no further repositioning is needed.
  • The array supports parallel imaging methods such as SENSE or GRAPPA.
  • It can be operated on clinical multi-channel MR systems.
  • The system is compatible with our standard animal holders with integrated anaesthesia mask and stereotactic holders.



volumetric coil array for 1H imaging of rats


8 channel array – 2 x 4 coil elements on inner tube – receive-only – actively decoupled – integrated preamplifiers

B0 field strength:  1.5 T - 3 T

inner / outer diameter 72 mm / 119 mm coil length 210 mm

required equipment:  

8 channel receiver system – actively decoupled volume transmit coil


8 ch Volumetric Rat Array
Rat Whole Body Coronal Image


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